WorkSafeBC Regulation Update

As we are WorkSafeBC members, remain compliant and put a big emphasis on safety, training is important to us.


Although two members of the Coastal Tree Works team were experienced arborists who enjoyed their jobs thoroughly, that didn’t stop them from taking the time to learn more.

In Summer 2021, WorkSafeBC put out some amendments to the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations Part 26 – Forestry Operations and Similar Activities. These are the guidelines for safe practice and mandated training/protective equipment required for staff working in our Urban Forestry department.

It states in Section that “Requirements respecting tree-climbing activies: (1) The employer must ensure that only a qualified arborist or trainee arborist engages in tree-climbing activities at the workplace.” We wanted to ensure we kept up to date with proper practices and spent 6 weeks at a SkilledTradesBC Facility (formerly known as ITA) who manages all red seal programs to ensure appropriate training took place.

What a fun adventure for the crew members that spent their time at that facility. It was not for the faint of heart. During the months February to April there was an abundance of rain, short spurts of sun, but tons of laugher and smiles.

After coming back from the 6 week program as Certified Arborists we were excited to take our new knowledge to work. If you want to see what we’ve learned, keep your eyes to the sky as you’ll see us climbing all around town.

Becoming a certified arborist wasn’t only fun hanging out in the trees. Half of the time we actually spent in the classroom. We focused a lot on tree biology! The biological makeup and function of trees is unbelievably complex. Using this knowledge combined with great lessons on proper pruning practices really helped us hone our skills. Previously, we had great pruning practices programmed into ourselves already. We now fully understand why we prune the way we do for the tree’s best response, best healing, and best aesthetics.

Do you think you could spend your days hanging out with us? We’re always interested in good fits for the team. Call us today at 250-886-9593.

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